love.golfer Stories

Sarah – love.golf Stories

Working Mum Sarah has very little spare time on her hands, and golf is her only escape from day-to-day stresses! See how she benefitted from her first love.golf experience and loved being out on the course and surrounded by like-minded women cheering her on 💁🏻‍♀️ https://youtu.be/p7dU6w6Zvsk

Mandie – love.golf Stories

Mandie’s approaching retirement and looking for something to get her teeth into during her spare time. That’s where she found golf….and love.golf! The perfect match if you ask us 😍 https://youtu.be/DeyOqnRHkPQ

Kirsty – love.golf Stories

Kirsty LOVES the outdoors and already plays a lot of golf in her spare time. But…mostly ‘with blokes’. So the opportunity to be out on the course with like-minded women was a nice change, and a lot of fun 😄 https://youtu.be/Dg9vyvZDO6k

Lina – love.golf stories

NHS worker Lina was fresh off a night shift, but that didn’t stop her hitting the golf course for her very first experience. Go Lina!  “I came along just for the experience, but now I really want to sign up to a course or coaching.”

Rani – love.golf stories

Rani loved her experience so much not only did she rate it 10/10, but she’s planning a family outing back out on the course very soon! “The group was marvellous. You didn’t feel pressured and we had fun.”

Fahra – love.golf stories

Fahra’s reaction to finding out about love.golf was “Yes! Count me in”. Hear what she has to say about her first golfing experience. “It was absolutely amazing from start to finish. Hannah, the coach, was fantastic and really made me feel really comfortable.”

Afshan – love.golf stories

First-timer Afshan was brimming with excitement prior to her first experience of love.golf….and it didn’t disappoint! “It was a wonderful day. Hitting the golf balls was such a great stress relief, and also fun with the group.”

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