love.golfer Chloe makes waves on popular pro golfer podcast

chloa love.golf

love.golf newcomer Chloe Moore starred on the popular ‘Beef’s Golf Club’ podcast last week, describing her very first experience of golf.

Chloe, from Rugby, had always been keen to try the game, but when the prospect of actually getting started hit – so did the nerves.

With a little bit of help from love.golf and coach Zoe North, Chloe was given a one-on-one introduction and now can’t wait to get started in her group, which kicks off with a Pitch & Prosecco evening.

Speaking to host Andrew ‘Beef’ Johnston on why she hadn’t taken up the game earlier, Chloe said: “I was too anxious to just ‘show up’.


“I was worried I was going to be judged, that I wouldn’t fit in. I’m not the most athletic person, I’ve never been good at sports but I’ve always loved watching sports.”

Thankfully Chloe’s first experience of love.golf helped banish all those worries.

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