8 Female Celebs that Love Golf


From the outside golf can appear to be a male-dominated sport, but according to The World Golf Federation, there are over 30 million female golfers and initiatives like love.golf with our groundbreaking research and coaching community are helping introduce and support many more females to get into golf.


While the men still make up a large percentage of players plus the majority of tv coverage, this doesn’t mean that there aren’t thousands of women from all walks of life out playing golf every day.  In fact, when they’re not busy with their day jobs here’s a few well-known faces in the UK you maybe didn’t know enjoy hitting the golf course.



Jenni Falconer

You may recognise Jenni Falconer as a well-known TV and Radio Presenter, but Jenni Falconer loves golf and decided to take up the sport in 2018 with the help and support of love.golf.


Jenni has undertaken coaching with love.golf and continues to go from strength to strength.


Jodie Kidd

Best known for modelling on Vogue covers and London Fashion Week runways, Jodie Kidd is a dedicated golfer.


Jodie entered into golf completely by accident, as her father gifted her a lesson for Christmas at the age of 13, apparently as a joke present. But once Jodie hit the ball, she fell in love with the sport.


When Jodie gave up modelling at the age of 23 she decided to dedicate more of her time to her passion and has now competed in a wide range of national and international tournaments.


Jayne Seymour

British actress Jane Seymour is best known for her role in the wild west TV series Dr.Quinn and the Bond film Live and Let Die. However, Jane is also a keen golfer and plays at the same club as actor Sean Connery.


Despite Jane now being her 60’s, this hasn’t hindered her dedication and she’s a regular golfer and has even played in pro-am tournaments in the US.


Jane has even been quoted about her love of golf.

“Golf is like acting in that both require concentration and relaxation at the same time.”


Catherine Zeta-Jones

Welsh-born tv and film actress Catherine Zeta-Jones is now possibly more well-known for her love of golfing than her films, as Catherine is a regular at female pro-am tournaments around the world.


Regularly playing alongside her husband, she has admitted that she is highly competitive against anyone she plays.


Naga Munchetty

Most mornings Naga Munchetty can be found on our tv’s presenting BBC Breakfast, Naga likes to spend her free time out on the course and has dropped it into many conversations on the breakfast show.


“I’ll be honest, golf has changed my life”, said Naga in a recent magazine interview.


Taking up the sport over eight years ago with her husband, at first she wasn’t keen on the sport. Feeling it was an old man’s game and she didn’t have the patience.

But then when she took-up lessons by Ladies European Tour pro Anna Radford, she got hooked.

Now Naga has been a winner of the Hertfordshire De Paula Cup and taken part in the BMW PGA Championship.


Denise Van Outen

Denise Van Outen is best known for presenting some of the UK’s favourite TV shows as well as starring in the West End. But what many people may not know, is that Denise loves golf, and can often be found out playing when she’s not busy performing.


Now gaining acclaim as a professional golfer, Denise visits the golf course every Sunday with her partner, Eddie.


“If I’d known the fun I’d have and the places I’d have gone to, I would have taken up golf years ago”, said Denise in a recent magazine interview.


Zoe Hardman

TV presenter Zoe Hardman admits that she primarily took-up golf to impress a guy that she fancied. Three weeks after meeting him, she was then on the course with him and his parents, having never swung a golf club.


Zoe now believes this is definitely what triggered pushing her into the sport and loves it.

While she hasn’t reached pro-am yet, she’s a regular at Dukes Meadows.


Kirsty Gallacher

While you may recognise Kirsty as a TV presenter on SKY, you may not be aware that Kirsty’s golfing heritage dates back to her father, Bernard Gallacher.


Bernard was not only a European Tour Legend but also a Ryder Cup captain.


Therefore, it comes as no surprise that Kirsty has a deep love for golf and regularly plays at Wentworth.


Kirsty has been quoted about her love of golf revealing, “I love the fact that golf is an art form, pure and simple. I love the etiquette of the game, its history, and the technical aspects. It’s a sport involving much honour, honesty, and sportsmanship.”

If taking up golf you’d be following in the footsteps of women from all walks of life and everyone starts at the beginning no matter who you are.  It’s easy with love.golf to locate your nearest coach and contact them to get on board.

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