about love.golf

Let's talk about how this began

Our Story

A combination of academic and market research from Head Coach, Alastair Spink and Syngenta into what women want from a golf experience was what led to the birth of love.golf in 2016.

Since then, it has introduced thousands of women to the game and crossed borders into seven different countries, meaning today’s love.golfers are truly part of an international community of like-minded women!

What Makes Us Different?

We pride ourselves on not being what you might expect from a golf experience.

You will be welcomed into the love.golf community from day one, taken out onto the golf course at the earliest opportunity and follow a programme that will have you hooked on the game in no time.

Our coaches are fully trained in the love.golf ways, meaning they will support you at every stage and not overload you with heavy technical information.

Finally, the social bond that develops between love.golfers is truly special. Many go on to become not just golf buddies, but lifelong friends.

Our Core Values

We create a safe space where you can let loose, wear what you want, swing the club as hard as you like and cheer each other on!

Whether it’s your coach, your group or the wider community of love.golfers you’ll always have source of information, support or answers to turn to!

Each love.golf session is designed to help you progress, push your limits and give you sense of (sometimes unexpected) achievement.

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