love.golfer Stories

Izzy – love.golf stories

Paramedic and forensic mental health specialist Izzy shares her love.golf story. Like many, Izzy has found the pandemic a challenging experience, but being able to get back out on the golf course has inspired her to take her game to the next level. “Everyone was so open and friendly and welcoming.”

Kathy – love.golf stories

Kathy started her journey with love.golf before the pandemic but now is back and determined to return to the golf course and progress her game with like-minded love.golfers. “I’ve wanted to play golf for the last 15 years but never had the full opportunity. I saw an advert for love.golf, tried it and absolutely loved it.”

Hayley – love.golf stories

PE Teacher Hayley tells us how she bonded with others in the group and learned different shots in her first experience of love.golf. “We were all bouncing off each other and it’s a really comfortable environment.”

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