Teeing it up in Hollywood, your guide to the greatest golf movies ever made!

While there have been a fair few flops over the years when it comes to golf and the silver screen, there have also been some cult classics which have transcended popular culture. After hours of munching on popcorn in a dark room we have highlighted a few films to watch after you’ve been out on the course and need a good old breather!

So where better to start than with the most famous spy of all time – that’s right, 007 himself- ‘James Bond’. Now while not strictly a golf movie, Goldfinger (1964) features an iconic scene which sees baddie Goldfinger (played by Gert Fröbe) challenge 007 to a game against the stunning backdrop of Stoke Park. Bond and his fellow competitor don’t so much bend the rules but break them in half and eat them up like a little snack, and we love it! Sean Connery who played Bond in the movie went on to enjoy golf as a hobby for many years and became great friends with Ryder Cup legend Tony Jacklin. If you ever take a trip to Stoke Park you’ll find some cute references to the movie on the grounds and get the chance to say you’ve played the same course as Bond!

Fast forward to 1996 and the golfing rom-com Tin Cup. Kevin Costner, one of Hollywood’s leading lights at the time, teamed up with Rene Russo to earn himself a nomination for Best Actor at the Golden Globes. Costner plays Roy ‘Tin Cup’ McAvoy and the movie focusses on his quest to make a comeback and try to qualify for the US Open. There are pitfalls along the way, fall outs, romance, highs, lows, and of course, shots that only the giants of Hollywood can make! Definitely a good choice for a Saturday night cosied up with your other half!

Next up is Caddyshack (1980). Director Harold Ramis (that’s right, Egon from Ghostbusters!) assembled a cast befitting for any comedy to ensure that this movie leaves you in stiches from start to finish. Michael O’Keefe, Chevvy Chase, Ted Knight and Bill Murray all star in this slightly chaotic but fun movie centred on O’Keefe’s character Danny Noonan working as a caddie at an exclusive country club to earn money so he can go to college. Noonan’s plan is thwarted along the way and the Murray who plays Carl Spackler, a mentally unstable groundkeeper, plays a pivotal part in the movie due to his relentless pursuit of a gopher. Yes, you did read that right!! A cult classic, Caddyshack is a must see!

Finally, we head back to 1996 and perhaps the film which, when asked, what is the best golf film of all time is usually the answer. Happy Gilmore will have you laughing your head off from start to finish as Happy, played by comedy heavyweight Adam Sandler, looks to golf to try and win some quick money as he learns that his grandmother’s house will be reclaimed by the US tax authorities if she doesn’t find $270,000 in unpaid back taxes within 90 days. As usual, Sandler provides plenty of laughs along the way and is responsible for the most iconic golf swing ever seen on the silver screen, which to this day is regularly recreated! Have you tried it?

It feels like it’s definitely time for another epic golf movie to be made and join this illustrious line-up, but for now, sit back, get the popcorn ready and enjoy Sandler and co doing what they do best!

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