Woodside wins over new clan of love.golfers

woodside golf club

Cheshire course Woodside proved a hit with new love.golfers recently as the venue staged its very first taster experience.

Conveniently located, Woodside is friendly, inclusive, and home to two energetic coaches, Damon and Sam.

At the event, the newest love.golf community moved quickly from the driving range to the venue’s very own nature-filled short course.

“The gamechanger for us here at Woodside is the ability to get straight onto our par-three course. This is what we enjoy so much about the love.golf programme” said Woodside head coach Damon Wood.

damon wood coach

“Initially there was some hesitation, but as soon as the love.golfers realise the pressure on the range is no different to the pressure on the course, and they hit that first shot, they really start to relax into it.

“Because it’s not overloaded with coaching, the group find their own way and create their own identity straightaway, I love that.”

Following the success of the event, Woodside plan on offering new midweek sessions as longer daylight hours come into effect.

Join the growing love.golf community at Woodside today by signing up to one of their upcoming events.

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