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Claire testimonial

Before love.golf

Can you introduce yourself and tell us a bit about what you do?

I’m Claire, I’m 46 and I’m a mum of three. I work in the NHS as a phlebotomist but I’m also a beauty therapist as well. I have an Instagram page that I’ve started as a fashion blog during the lockdown, just as a bit of fun because my friend told me to do it, and it’s sort of blown up from there really!

What did you think when you heard about the event?

It sounded like fun. It was probably something a little bit out of my comfort zone I’d say because I’ve never done an event or anything like this before, and I’ve never played golf, but sometimes you’ve got to go out of your comfort zone. I watched a few of the reels and looked at the Instagram posts and I thought “yeah it does actually look quite fun!” So that’s why I put my name forward.

When you think about golf generally, what comes to mind for you?

Probably men in polo shirts! And golf buggies, things like that! It’s not something I would picture a woman doing, but I know they do, big time!

What are you most looking forward to today?

To have a little go at golf because I’ve never played golf before so it should be quite interesting I think, and just to meet everyone and just try a new experience, something that I’ve never tried before and like I say, go a little bit out of my comfort zone.

After love.golf

Can you tell us a little bit about your experience?

It was a lot more fun than I thought it was actually going to be. I was really unsure what to expect. I actually did enjoy playing as well which really surprised me!

I did like the driving range because you could give it a great big whack, but I also found it was nice because it was a nice group of women and I found that they were quite encouraging towards each other. We were saying it would be great as a team building thing for women to do together, so that aspect as well I really liked.

Do you think that you will try golf again after this experience?

I think I definitely would, yeah. I would definitely try and encourage my family to give it a go because I’ve really enjoyed it. It’s been totally out of my comfort zone but it’s been so much fun!

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