Protect your skin against the elements this winter

winter skincare

Spending time outside during the winter months is a great way to stay active and getting out in the fresh air at this time of year really is invigorating, but chilly winds, unexpected showers and cold temperatures can all take their toll on your skin so it’s important to protect yourself against the elements at this time of year. Here we explore some simple steps to take and products you can use to stay moisturised and glowing no matter what the weather does.

Prepare & Protect

It can be easy to forget about SPF when the sun isn’t shining but UV rays can be just as dangerous on the overcast days when you’re spending time out on the course, especially as people are less likely to apply sun cream. Using a moisturiser or primer that includes sun protection is a quick and easy way to ensure you’re still protected. Kiehl’s Ultra Light Daily UV Defence has a brilliant matte finish which is great if you have oily skin and can double up as a primer whilst still giving great protection. Revolution Pro Protect Soft Focus Primer is specifically designed to protect your skin whilst creating a nourishing base and is an absolute steal! The Body Shop’s Vitamin C Glow-Protect Lotion is a great boost for tired winter skin, the Vitamin C helps with rejuvenation whilst the SPF will ensure you’re protected, the perfect combination!

Hydration is Key

Keeping your skin hydrated can be difficult in winter as the combination of central heating and colder weather can cause dryness. It’s important to remember to drink lots of water to help hydrate from the inside whilst moisturisers are working wonders for the outside of your body! First Aid Beauty Ultra Repair Cream gives intense moisturisation for dry, irritated skin – the soothing mixture includes shea butter and is great for sensitive skin types. Origins Ginzing Energy-Boosting Gel Moisturiser is a fantastic alternative to heavy creams as the gel mixture is hydrating without introducing additional oils. CeraVe Facial Moisturising Lotion provides 24 hours’ worth of hydration whilst helping the skin produce its natural barrier to prevent future moisture loss.

Luscious Lips

Is there anything more frustrating than dry, irritated lips? Prevention is key when it comes to chapped lips – regularly topping up on moisturising lip balm will help the skin stay supple and hydrated. We recommend stocking up on a few so you always have one to hand – why not pop one in your golf bag for safe keeping? Dr.PAWPAW Classic Balms offer excellent hydration whilst tasting incredible at the same time. The natural oils create a vegan friendly, cruelty and gluten free lip balm that also adds a hint of colour, but not only that, how fab is the festive packaging? Vaseline Lip Therapy Aloe Vera Tin will give instant relief to dry lips and the hardy tin design is great for being thrown in the bottom of your handbag! If you’re looking for something with a little glam factor, Bobbi Brown Lip Balm offers just that, as well as the all-important hydration, SPF protection and soothing aloe vera to help calm sore lips.

Staying active and continuing to socialise with friends is so important during the winter months, as looking after your mind and your body is essential no matter what the weather is doing! Taking some time out of your day to prioritise your skincare routine is also a great form of self-care and you can focus on enjoying yourself knowing that your skin is being well looked after even when the snowflakes start to fall.

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