Going Sustainable in 2022: Clothing


When shopping for clothing to play golf in, there are a few different things you will be considering when you come to make a purchase. From comfort to impact on the planet, as well as price points and quality, you suddenly have a bigger task than you originally thought.

First and foremost, it’s important that what you’re wearing on the course is comfortable and fit for purpose, so you can get the maximum enjoyment out of your time there. Throw sustainability into the mix, and the task gets a little harder. Choosing sustainable pieces of clothing means conscious buying decisions, looking into the ethics of a brand, and buying based on longevity rather than quick wins. If you want to shop more sustainably for your golf or sports clothing, we have rounded up five of our favourite brands and what they’re doing to be more sustainable:



Known for using recycled materials in their products, Sundried is committed to reducing waste and showcasing an ethical supply chain. They promote washing on a cool wash and drying in the sun as, according to their site, ‘Up to 80% of the impact of a t-shirt occurs after purchase. The water, chemical toxicity, energy use and emissions from washing and drying your clothing all contribute to your eco-footprint.’ As well as this, they’re working to become carbon neutral as a business and only sell 100% vegan products in their clothing range. You can explore the brand online and check out their range of athleisure and sporting pieces.


Founded by a former marine biologist, sustainability is at the core of Oceantee, with them pioneering sustainable fabrics and working with sustainability experts to minimise the impact of golfing apparel on the planet and environment. From mid-layers to polo tops and even bamboo golf tees, you can shop the brand online and read more about their commitment to sustainability.


Known for their apparel, Röhnisch has a sustainability labelling system in place, which details products that care a bit more for the environment. This label means that at least 50% of the makeup is made from recycled material, so you can make a greener choice. From skorts to rain pants, there is a whole range of different clothing pieces within this category. Explore them here.


One of the leading athleisure brands in the UK, and with a strong commitment to sustainability, Lululemon has an array of sustainable, stylish and comfortable clothes suitable for the golf course. The brand is committed to closed-loop innovation and states that by 2025, it will have achieved at least 75 percent sustainable materials for its products. The brand has also previously partnered with golf superstar, Lydia Ko, and sponsors female athletes around the world. Discover Lululemon here.

EYO Active
A newer brand to the market but one committed to sustainability and working towards circularity. EYO stands for everything you overcome, and it makes clothing from recycled ocean waste. Sweat-wicking, sustainable and offering sun protection, this is a brand to watch for the future. Shop EYO here.

Making a swap to more sustainable pieces is a direction we need to head in, and choosing garments based on their quality and what they’re made of, along with how they’re made, is a good start to getting there. As well as having a better impact on the planet, most sustainably made items are made from better quality materials, which is a win-win all around.

Of course, the most sustainable piece of clothing is the one you already own, but there will always be a need that comes up for buying a new piece, whether an old one has worn out or you need an extra in your drawer.


Check out those brands, and if you have any more brands that we should share with the community, get in touch and let us know.

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