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Cocktail nights and golf… Two very popular activities that can actually go hand-in-hand, if you aren’t too worried about your score! Whether you fancy celebrating an on course victory by choosing something adventurous from the menu at the golf club, or you want to continue a fabulous day out by inviting the girls back to your house to create some home-made cocktails after your game, why not go all out with the golf theme? We’ve created a list of our favourite golf-inspired cocktails here for you to try! These cocktails are a fun way to bring some golf to your own personal happy hour, but you don’t have to be playing or even watching golf to enjoy these cocktails – they’re perfect for any occasion!

The Azalea

This cocktail is named after the beautiful pink azalea bushes that are always in full bloom during The Masters golf tournament. If you like a fruity and tart cocktail, then you’ll love this one.

To make the Azalea cocktail, grab a tall glass, add two shots of vodka (or gin if you prefer), one shot of lemon juice, fill with ice and pineapple juice, and add grenadine until the drink turns azalea pink – perfect for summer!

The John Daly

If you haven’t heard of John Daly yet… He’s a golfer very well known for his drinking exploits. A famous party trick of Daly’s was hitting a drive whilst using a beer can as a golf tee. You can see a clip of it here. Not something you should try at home!!

So, it’s not surprising a cocktail has been named in his honour. This cocktail is actually just an alcoholic version of the famous Arnold Palmer drink, named after the late-great golfer’s favourite drink. If you’re not in the drinking mood, then leave out the booze and the Arnold Palmer makes for an easy and thirst quenching mocktail.

To make the John Daly, simply mix lemonade (the non-fizzy American kind) and iced tea in equal measure and add your desired quantity of vodka. Serve in a tall glass with lots of ice. It’s ideal for hot summer days.

The Scottish Links

The Scottish Links is a cocktail created by whiskey distillery Glenmorangie especially for The Open Championship. Glenmorangie have always had a close connection with golf and created this specific cocktail when they sponsored The Open between 2012-2017. Their whiskey would be an excellent choice, but any single malt whiskey would be great for this cocktail.

Combine 50ml single malt whiskey, 15ml fresh lemon juice, 20ml chamomile honey (standard honey will do just fine), 15ml fresh pink grapefruit juice and 10ml Manzanilla Sherry (or any Fino Sherry). Shake all the ingredients together, serve with ice and top up with soda.

The Transfusion

This cocktail might not have a golfy name, but in the US it is considered the go-to cocktail of choice in the majority of golf clubs. It is refreshing and incredibly easy to make – definitely one of those cocktails where it seems a little too easy to drink and before you know it you’ve had four or five!!

To make, simply fill a tall glass with ice, add your preferred measure of vodka, add 30ml of grape juice (concord works best), a squeeze of lime and then pour ginger ale until full. 

The Tiger Woods

Tiger Woods needs no introduction, he is considered by many to be the GOAT (greatest of all time!) in the golf world and so we feel he deserves to have a yummy cocktail named after him! Here’s how you make it…

 Fill a glass with ice, add a shot of vodka, a shot of lemon juice and top up with cranberry juice. Garnish with a lemon wedge and serve.

Check out our VIDEOS to see the cocktail-making in person from our ‘at home bartender’, Hamish!

 If you decide to make any of these cocktails yourself, don’t forget to take a photo and tag us @lovegolf_uk

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