Self-care: it’s time to prioritise you

Taking time to look after yourself and your mental wellbeing should be a priority, but we all know that sometimes, when life gets hectic, it can take a bit more focus and planning to prioritise yourself! Taking time to reset at the end of a busy day or setting aside a moment to unwind and reflect can have a fantastic effect on your stress levels, productivity and overall mood. Here we explore what self-care really is, how you can build it into your everyday life and some different activities that all class as forms of self-care.

What is self-care?

Self-care is another name for looking after yourself and includes identifying what you need for your wellbeing and taking time to prioritise it. Individual wellbeing and self-care requirements will be different for everybody but generally they fall into one of the following categories: emotional, physical, psychological, and spiritual. Understanding what helps you relax, unwind and recharge is fantastic for your long-term mental health.


Emotional self-care is about understanding how you feel, identifying the reasons behind it and then allowing yourself the time to process those feelings. Some great examples of emotional self-care include meditation, taking time to process your thoughts and allowing yourself space to try new things without judgement. love.golf sessions give you an opportunity to try something new with the additional support of other women. Feeling confident and relaxed in a group environment can take the pressure off learning a new skill and nothing is better than women empowering one another.



As the name suggests, physical self-care is all about your physical health, including how you look after your body and your surroundings. Focusing on your eating habits and hydration levels, ensuring you get enough sleep and taking time to exercise regularly all count as examples of physical self-care. There is something very therapeutic about a change in scenery and exercising outside whether that’s a walk at the beach or a round of golf, it’s all about finding something that works for you!



Psychological self-care includes both the professional and personal parts of your life, especially focusing around things that are in your control. This could include creating a good work life balance, spending time with positive friends and family or focusing on a new hobby. Taking time away from work and home responsibilities is great for unwinding, and keeping busy with a hobby or sport is a brilliant way to use this time. love.golfers are encouraged to socialise with new friends whilst learning how to play and what better time is there to turn your phone off and completely relax and enjoy yourself?



Spiritual self-care encourages you to identify your likes and dislikes without fear. It can include mindfulness, connecting with nature, meditation or even starting a creative project. Getting outside in the fresh air and enjoying some green space exercise is proven to be fantastic for mental wellbeing by reducing stress, improving your mood and supporting social wellbeing. Golf courses offer the perfect combination of the calming outdoors, socialising with fellow golfers and a break away from everyday life. Whether you choose to hit the course and practice alone or play with friends is down to you!


love.golf is a coaching experience designed to empower women and help them feel comfortable on the golf course. Sessions provide a supportive environment for women to learn a new skill, socialise with like-minded women and switch off from the stress of day-to-day life. Using sport as a form of self-care is great for the mind, body and soul and love.golf creates a unique opportunity for you to explore what really matters to you and your mental wellbeing.

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