Hair and Skincare for the love.golfer

Self-care can come in lots of different forms – some people need a day out on the course or a run with their favourite playlist whilst others opt for a leisurely stroll around the local park. It’s important that your skincare and beauty products are able to keep up with your lifestyle, so we have pulled together some top tips and suggestions for caring for you whilst you’re out and about:


It can be tempting to head straight out and exercise after a busy day without stopping to cleanse your face and remove your make-up. Sweating whilst wearing a full face of make-up will cause clogged pores and breakouts which can be prevented by quickly cleansing with a cloth and water before you grab your golf clubs.

Three very important letters… SPF! Everyone should prioritise sun protection as part of their daily routine, especially if spending a lot of time outside. A good layer of SPF before heading out to your local golf course is an essential part of preventing dangerous sun damage and helps to maintain skin elasticity. 

Hydration is key for healthy skin, a healthy body and keeping energy levels high, this means drinking at least 2 litres a day and using a moisturiser that’s suited to your skin type. 


Sunshine, rain and wind can cause havoc with our hair! Using a good quality hair mask once a week will ensure your hair doesn’t become dry and brittle in between salon visits.

Exercising with long hair can be very frustrating – especially with the unpredictable British weather! Elasticated hair bands can cause split ends and breakages as they put stress on the strands whilst in a ponytail or tight bun. Opting for an invisibobble or silk hair band will reduce the damage caused from tight bands and repetitive pulling when exercising.

To help nourish hair whilst exercising, spray on leave-in conditioner before you style your hair. Post work out you can also use a hair dryer to restyle your hair without needing to wash it straight away. 


A make-up free face is always best when exercising as it prevents break outs and skin irritation. However, a slick of mascara or some lightweight coverage can help you feel less ‘bare’. A waterproof flexible mascara will stay in place without causing panda eyes, perfect for popping to the clubhouse for a glass of wine after a day out in the elements!

A tinted moisturiser is a great alternative to foundation, it offers a thin coverage whilst looking after your skin. Some tinted moisturisers even have anti-blemish technology to help protect your skin during a sweaty workout and many have SPF.

A lightweight powder is perfect for removing shine. As they’re oil free, they won’t clog pores as much as a heavy foundation, so you don’t need to worry about blemishes or breakouts.

No matter what your hair, skincare or make-up routine, the most important thing for any love.golf session is to enjoy it, but we hope these tips help you along the way! 

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