Kick Start your Health with a Round of Golf


As one of the oldest sports in history, golf has been given little credit for the incredible health benefits it can provide to participants.


While it became the sport of the moment for both men and women in the 1920’s, as the centuries have gone on many other fads have taken away the spotlight. But golf still remains a low-risk activity that has significant benefits to both mind and body.

In 2016 Edinburgh scientists claimed the sport was likely to increase life expectancy, help chronic diseases and improve mental health and there have been other general studies to support this.


Heres just five of the health benefits to get you motivated to play golf.


Easy-Going Cardio

Heart health is at the forefront of golf, as the incredible amount of walking that occurs during the sport provides players with a safe alternative to strenuous exercise that can put pressure on the heart.


Getting the blood pumping around the body, golf could see you walk your required 10,000 steps. However, research by The Norwegian Golf Federation has also found that during an 18-hole round female players will burn approximately 1,500 calories.


The gentle increase of your heart-rate during golf means you’re at lower risk from heart disease and bad cholesterol.


A report published by the British Sports Journal in 2016 also found that those who play golf live longer than those who do not due to the prevention of chronic diseases.


Less Stress

If you suffer from stress, you’ll be pleased to know, that golf can help to dramatically reduce such anxieties.

As golf is a moderate physical activity, the mood-boosting chemical endorphin is gently released into your body making you feel happier and more relaxed.

Pair this with being amongst the great outdoors, and enjoying the company of your friends, and you’ve got the ideal activity to help you feel calm.


It’s also been revealed by a Scandinavian study of over 300,000 players, that golfers are estimated to live five years longer than those who do not play. This is regardless of age, gender or social status.


Boosts the Brain

When we think of exercise,  we often think of the benefits to our body or muscles; but the benefits to our brain are just as significant.


During golf, as your heart rate increases, so does the flow of blood to your brain. This process stimulates and improves nerve cell connections, which can help prevent mental illnesses including dementia.


The focus required and the challenge golf presents support hand-eye coordination and keeps many of the brain’s functions active.


More Mindfulness

Meditation is a common way to become more mindful, but if you’re unable to sit still for long periods of time, active mindfulness can become an ideal way to find headspace.


Golf is increasingly being seen as a form of ‘active meditation’, as the mind has to focus and be present in order to take part.


Be aware of your surroundings, the natural landscape, the weather and the way your body is positioned, are all elements of encompassing a mindfulness. Being present and aware.


Sweet Dreams

Playing golf on a regular basis can dramatically improve your sleep.

Combining the mixture of gentle exercise, fresh air, and mood-boosting, golf will help you fall into a deeper sleep.


While you may suffer from being able to drift off, many golfers experience being able to fall asleep much quicker, and feeling more rested after a day’s golf and a good night’s sleep.


This is due to the amount of energy you will have expanded, as your body will naturally wish to go to sleep so it can repair and renourish itself.


So if you are wondering if you should get involved in golf then just think of the positive impact this could have on your mind body and overall health.  Its easy with love.golf to locate your nearest coach and contact them to get started.

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