Beat the heat with these summer outfits, perfect for the golf course

Summer… Time to throw your hair up, put your sunnies on and switch the world off. The golf course is the perfect summer escape as well as being a fantastic way to socialise and get outside to enjoy the weather, but it’s important to keep cool and stay safe in the sun. We’ve pulled together some fantastic options to give you some inspiration for your summer golf wardrobe as well as some accessories to help your performance, so that you can stay cool, comfortable, and confident out on the course.

Summer Skirts

Skirts are a great summer option, but you may want additional cover when out playing golf, so we think skorts give the perfect combination of practical shorts and fashionable skirts: Nike have some great dri-fit sports options to help you stay cool and dry in the heat, Sweaty Betty have combined a feminine pleated shape with sweat wicking fabric for a practical and fashionable choice, whilst ASOS have included essential skorts in their responsibly sourced sports range – available in two colours, they are great value for money.

Nike £49.95
Sweaty Betty £60.00
Asos £14.00

Tops & Tees

Sports style tees that combine fashion with breathability are the perfect choice for both on and off the course, so we’ve put together some easy-to-wear options for summer: Under Armour have a great range of sleeveless, collared polos that are perfect if you prefer to avoid bold logos and heavy branding; Thin layering is a great way to avoid too much sun exposure and F&F have created a range of brilliant two-layer tops for a splash of colour and the possibility of wearing a vest top or covering up with a thin t-shirt – no need to make a decision when you can have both! Fast-drying fabrics help to eliminate sweat when out in the sun, helping you stay comfortable, and H&M have created some functional and fashionable loose fitting vest tops starting from just £5.00 – what a bargain!

Under Armour - £35.00
F&F - £14.00
H&M - £5.00

Essential Accessories

When out playing golf in the sunshine, preparation is key. A cap is perfect to reduce sun exposure to your face, and we love this simple option from Levi’s, but don’t forget your sun cream too. SunGod have created fashionable, tinted, 100% UV glasses that increase clarity and enhance contrast for clearer vision in extreme weathers – ideal for when you’ve hit a great shot, or a not so great one! A key thing to remember in high temperatures is to keep hydrated – Chilly’s bottles are fantastic for maintaining temperatures when on the move, so they can be used in summer to keep your drinks ‘chilly’ for 24 hours (and you can keep using them in the winter months too, as they’ll keep your coffee hot for 12 hours).

Levi’s - £20.00
SunGod - £55.00
Chilly’s - £28.00

The key things to focus on in the summer are staying cool, comfortable, and well-hydrated. Being out on the course for a long time can mean a lot of sun exposure, so remember your high SPF sun cream, carry plenty of water and try to avoid the hottest times of the day to stay safe. Your outfit choices can help you feel confident in the heat, but don’t forget, if you arrive at the course and you’ve forgotten something, your coach will be able to assist you with something at the golf shop.

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