Transitional dressing tips – Don’t let the weather knock you off course!

As the summer months draw to a close and the unpredictable autumnal weather starts to creep in, it’s a good idea to get your autumnal outfits organised. Transitional wardrobe options ensure you’re always prepared even if there’s an unscheduled heat wave or an unexpected downpour. Here we have some top tips and fantastic high street suggestions to help you plan ahead and enjoy your time out on the course without having to worry too much about what the weather forecast is saying.


The simplest way to build transitional outfits is to layer multiple thinner items so that you can adjust your look whilst on the go. Matalan have some fantastic 2in1 sports tops whilst Marks and Spencer’s sportswear range includes some brilliant fast drying, layered sports vests which are stocked in an extended size range. If you need something a little warmer, Sweaty Betty’s After Class sweatshirt will add comfort and the additional thumb holes will help to keep your hands warm too. Creating a capsule wardrobe of lightweight layers will give you the flexibility to mix and match outfits in autumn that can then be incorporated into your summer and winter wardrobes too!




Come Rain or Shine

Having a great set of waterproofs stashed away in your golf bag is the best way to prevent your day being cut short! Whether you opt for a fully waterproof outfit or an easy lightweight jacket, it’s always best to be prepared. Regatta’s black over trousers are versatile and lightweight whilst still being shower resistant, they also stock matching jackets if you prefer to have a coordinating set. Next have introduced a range of fantastic quality waterproof sports jackets with optional cinched waists for a fashionable fit. Puma Golf have created a unique jacket that has both UV and wind protection technology so that it can keep you cool, dry, or warm depending on the weather which means you’ll never be caught short!




Regatta – £30
Next – £30

Essential Accessories 

Puma – £29.99

There are some simple accessories that you can add to your kit that will help you prepare for a great round of golf outside in the elements. Under Armour’s square golf umbrella is surprisingly lightweight to carry whilst its unique shape prevents it from breaking in strong winds – its compact style makes it easy to store with your golf clubs too! A sudden downpour could mean the risk of getting your feet cold and wet, but Nike’s cushioned socks provide additional comfort and warmth whilst its moisture wicking fabric will help to keep your feet dry. Accessorize have some great headbands that can keep your hair out of your face when it’s windy but also keep your ears warm when the temperatures start to drop.




The unpredictable weather is part of the undeniable British charm, from weather-related small talk to seeing all the seasons in one day. Being prepared for all eventualities is the best way to keep your plans on track and ensure that you’re comfortable whilst out on the course. It doesn’t matter if you need a cooling G&T at the end of the day or a warming hot chocolate as long as you‘re still able to get outside, switch off and enjoy a great round of golf with friends!

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