love.golf, launches in Cheshire as local Instagram influencers rave about the experience


Dynamic female golf initiative, love.golf, launches in Cheshire as local Instagram influencers rave about the experience

A group of 16 North West based Instagram influencers were recently introduced to golf for the first time in Cheshire as part of an empowering women’s love.golf group coaching session.

love.golf prides itself on offering a different golf experience and speaking before the event, Founder and Head Coach Alastair Spink spoke about why he was so excited about the day:

“The best part is taking women that have never played golf before and perhaps come with preconceptions of what it might be like, and delivering something they’re not expecting. love.golf sessions are designed to be empowering and give more confidence, but above all, it’s about giving more women the opportunity to play.”

The initial event was a huge success, introducing golf in a fun environment to a group of like-minded women and allowing them to share the experience with their followers and communities. One of the major preconceptions about golf in the UK is the impression that it is a male-dominated environment, but love.golf are keen to change this.

The collective opinion from the influencers participating was that being around women in a relaxed environment made the whole event more enjoyable.

Instagram influencer Kiara Thomas (@yourfavekee) explained what she thought of her experience: “It was amazing and this has to be a highlight of my year. You think you’re just going to be told what to do, but we had the freedom to enjoy ourselves with some guidance from the coaches.”

“Doing it with a group of women is better because there’s less pressure and a real sense of girl power. I would say to my friends and family thinking about taking up golf that this is the environment you need to start.”

Instagram influencer Larissa Berry (@itslarissaberry) had tried golf before but enjoyed the more relaxed atmosphere of the love.golf experience: “It was nice to have a group of girls together just having a laugh with it. It was great to be able to hit it and not be worried about what anyone around you thinks. It can be scary starting something new so it’s good to get a group together and everyone can just have a go.”

Instagram influencer Juliana Ugokue (@jullydynamic) took part in the love.golf event and has now definitely caught the golf bug: “Today was exciting, fun-packed and I am really glad I came. I thought to myself, today I am a golfer. Get me some golf gear and watch me go!”

Now, love.golf is launching at Woodside Golf Club, just outside of Holmes Chapel in Cheshire. Damon Wood is the coach who will be bringing this experience to the women of Cheshire and he’s thrilled to be able to do so: “I’m so excited to be able to create a community of women who come together, get out on the golf course and really enjoy the game. I don’t think there’s any women’s coaching programme out there that’s better than love.golf.”

“Women who join us at Woodside Golf Club will have the opportunity to get straight out there and give golf a go, without any formalities, dress codes and rules. Let’s just see how we get on and have as much fun as possible.”

How can you get involved?

The launch sessions take place on Sunday 13th March at 11am and 2pm, at Woodside Golf Club, Knutsford Road, Cheshire, CW4 8HJ. All equipment is provided and women attending are advised to wear whatever they feel comfortable in.

Find out more and reserve a spot at: https://love.golf/damon-wood/

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About love.golf

Founder Alastair Spink partnered with Syngenta back in 2016 to create love.golf. The goal was to understand what women want from a golf experience and help introduce the game to as many women as possible across the world. With thousands of love.golfers in seven different countries, so far, love.golf is creating an international community of women all linked through their passion for golf.

love.golf is no ordinary group coaching experience. You are let loose on a golf course from day one, without the need for dress codes and are given the freedom to explore the game with the support of other women. It is all about creating an empowering environment for you to learn and enjoy golf as well as creating a social dynamic designed to create lifelong friendships.

Alastair Spink spoke about the impact that love.golf has had for some of the women that have joined the community:

“We use journals to gain more insight from our love.golfers about their experiences. There have been some women that have come along with fairly low self-esteem, but the empowering nature of what love.golf is doing really resonates with them. I honestly don’t think it is too big a statement to say that it has changed their lives.”

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