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Jully testimonial

Before love.golf

Can you please introduce yourself for us?

Hello, my name is Jully-Anna Gokwe. I am a content creator, mum and a fashion blogger, and it’s great to be here!

What did you think when you heard about the event?

What kind of really caught me was, it’s a gathering of women and we’re going to be having a great time connecting while we play golf. Whenever you say women, I’m in! Like I said, I am a mum blogger and I’ve just had a baby. He is almost six months old and I thought it would be a time for me to get out as well and have a good time and meet a few new friends and just kind of connect, and then have fun while playing golf. I’ve never really played golf before. I have been in a golf club but just to take pictures, because the landscape was beautiful! So here I’m going to play! I’m looking forward to all the fun to be honest. I’m excited! Really, really excited!

What do you think your followers will think about you playing golf?

I think they would love it because I’m a mum, I’m a woman, we have so many things in our plates all the time and honestly I know a lot of mums, a lot of women who’ll be watching this, who would see my stories or my content, they’ll be excited about this, they will really, really want to try this because honestly I can tell it’s going to be fun! I haven’t played yet, I haven’t started yet but honestly I know I am positive it’s going to be a fun experience!

After love.golf

How was your experience today?

It was great! Great doesn’t cut it! I think it was exciting and just fun packed! Honestly I feel really good and I’m happy I came. A bit of fresh air, you know, outdoors, lots of women, you know having fun, putting the balls and everything! And swinging high! Yes it was good! Really, really good!

What was your favourite part of your experience today?

I think my favourite part was the swinging high, because when they said “off the ground”, I think I got maybe like five off the ground! Kind of blowing my own trumpet, but yeah it’s good! For the first time, for a novice like me, I think I did great!

If you were to recommend this for family and friends, what would you say?

Oh goodness me! You have to come here! You will have so much fun! 100% recommend! Especially for mums as they have so many things to do all the time! Always busy, busy, busy running after the children. Come on, have a chill here! Honestly you are going to love me for recommending this, I tell you!

Will you be playing golf after this?

Oh yes! Yes I will be playing golf because honestly today, I’m thinking that I am a golfer girl! Get me into some golfing… Somebody get me in here, and then watch me go!

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