What women are saying about love.golf


“One of the main appealing factors about love.golf was just getting out there and doing it straight from the start. No sitting around in driving ranges listening to people tell you what to do and not having the opportunity to actually do it. Going out on the course on day 1 was absolutely fabulous.

“Following on from the love.golf course, we’ve progressed to par 3 membership and some of us to full membership – every weekend I’m now playing with one of the others. It’s nice to have people to play with.

“I would encourage anybody who doesn’t know what sport to get into to try golf and love.golf – it’s great fun.”






“My previous experience of golf was having traditional lessons which were very regimented, but at the time that was mostly how golf was taught.

“My love.golf coach teaches in a very subtle way compared to how I was originally taught. In our very first lesson we all gelled immediately and we’re still all playing together a year later.

“The coach guides you in the way you want to play, but with the teaching alongside. Within 10 minutes of the first lesson we were all on the par 3 course.

“Now we play on the main course and we really feel we are golfers now – we all support each other and just have fun, and that’s what golf is all about.”






“Golf is one of those sports where you don’t have to be wonderfully physically fit to start with, but one of those sports where you can also get better when you get older.

“The first lesson, the girls were all very friendly, the coach was very relaxed, he didn’t put any pressure on us at all, it was all very informal, so it felt really nice. The fact that it was an all female group meant the whole thing was less intimidating. When there are men around you do feel extra pressure, but the girls were lovely.

“It’s so nice to get outside – we’ve been coming every weekend. At one point the bunkers were frozen, but we still really enjoyed it.

“Golf has given me a little more confidence in my abilities – I’ve never been very sporty, but playing golf has given me more confidence when I’m in the outdoors.

“I’d recommend love.golf to any women – I’ve recommended love.golf to lots of friends and at work. I’m a nurse so sometimes when there’s confidence or exercise issues, I’ve recommended love.golf.”





“I think the fact that there’s no men in the group takes the pressure off. When you have men there they can usually hit it harder and they want to be better than you, but we can just relax and play.

“We’re all very supportive of each other. We’re all quite different and it’s nice to meet new people.

“I thought golf was for when you get older, a few of my friends had started playing and I couldn’t join them, so I started love.golf and I love the social aspect.”