what to expect from love.golf in 2019!

Phew! And breathe…

It’s been a jam-packed year for love.golf so as we pause for breath let’s look back together at some of the highlights of the year and give you a sneak peek at what you can expect to see in 2019!

New faces

This year we’ve welcomed some amazing new coaches to the crew; Sam Head, Niall McGill, Stuart Smith and James Crawford all of whom have been introducing new women to the game and growing the love.golf community further and wider than ever before.

It doesn’t stop there on the coaching front as this year we’ve gone international! Very soon there’ll be a number of coaches all around Spain introducing new women to the game through love.golf – which we are VERY excited about.


Following feedback from love.golfers we rolled out some brand new experiences in 2018 – which gave our coaches the chance to use their imagination and give you a memorable love.golf experience.

If we had to choose one highlight (and there were so many great experiences to choose from) it would have to be coach Linzi’s Booze Cruise – where she took a group of women over to the Isle of Arran in Western Scotland. As you can imagine, chaos (including some lost gin and navigating a golf trolley down a flight of stairs), fun, laughter and good times ensued!!



It’s not just our coaches who have been creating amazing experiences. In September, love.golfer Jane O’Riordan designed her own golf day which did away with convention and allowed her and a group of women to get out on the course and just play – free from any rules, pressures or tradition.

If you have thought up an experience you want to see from love.golf then tell us about it! Get in touch with your coach or with Head Coach Alastair Spink – even if it’s a crazy or wacky idea we want to hear it.

What to expect in 2019

In short; more experiences, more events and an ever-growing international community of love.golfers!

Look out for the second annual booze cruise and love.golf scrambles in Scotland (dubbed as more difficult to get a ticket for than an Ed Sheeran concert!), more #JustPlayGolf days plus a whole host of new and different experiences our coaches are putting together for you (as we speak!)

We’re building a community of women who want to wear what they want, get out on the course and enjoy learning in a group free of tradition and convention. So if that sounds like you and your friends, be sure to come along to love.golf next year.

Until then, best wishes from us for the festive season. See you in 2019.