Welcome back, Sara!

Swedish love.golf coach Sara Djos has returned to Hills Golf & Sports Club in Gothenburg, Sweden, and is already introducing a wave of new women to the game following the birth of her first-born daughter.


Sara, whose husband is also a Professional Golfer, has been busy getting to grips with motherhood while also eager to get back to the game she loves. So much so she has brought her daughter along to the club regularly since her birth – with Nellie even taking her very first steps on one of the greens at Hills!


Now with a busy coaching schedule, a young daughter and the normal stresses and strains of everyday life to contend with, it’s been a time of transition for Sara, but having previously started her love.golf coaching journey before taking maternity leave, she was determined to make room in her schedule to bring new women into the game with love.golf.


Sara explained: “love.golf sessions are so different to any other group or individual golf lesson. The love.golf sessions are full of positive energy, and the social environment created within the group sets it apart from any other beginner golf program I have been involved with.


“I think love.golf is the perfect way to introduce women to golf. Previous love.golfers have been so surprised of their ability and what they can achieve, even within the first hour, which, as a coach, is so rewarding to see.”


In addition to the upcoming love.golf sessions, Sara is planning to host a love.golf reunion at Hills Golf & Sports Club, where she has the opportunity to catch-up with all of her love.golfers.


Stay tuned for more updates from our love.golf crew over in Sweden!


For any women wanting to try love.golf in Sweden, visit the Hills Golf & Sports Club website for more information and dates of upcoming sessions with Sara.