Jane’s #justplaygolf day

A new kind of fun, informal golf day for women – aimed at breaking down barriers that often prevent women from giving golf a try – will take place at Woodbridge Golf Club this month, in support of local bereavement support charity, Cruse Suffolk.


love.golfer Jane O’Riordan was baffled at how all of the golf days she attended were so set in stone: always playing a full 18 holes, in a competitive format, with a strict dress code and taking up the best part of a whole day. Add in the fact that, during a recent day she had attended they awarded a prize to the worst score, much to Jane’s horror.


Feeling that this format excluded many who might really enjoy a golf day, Jane set about creating an entirely different format that would be fun, informal and welcoming to all:


“I thought, why not have a golf experience where you didn’t have to worry too much about rules, you could wear just about anything, the whole thing would not take too long and we could raise money for charity at the same time,” said Jane.


This prompted the inception of #JustPlayGolf, which takes place at Woodbridge Golf Club on Monday September 17th, where women (both brand new and existing golfers) can come along for the afternoon, network with other like-minded women and just play golf.


Newcomers to the game will benefit from love.golf coaching with Founder, Alastair Spink, while existing golfers will take to the course and have total flexibility over how many holes they play and whether or not they keep score. Afterwards, attendees can relax and enjoy refreshments in the clubhouse, followed by a raffle in aid of Cruse Bereavement Care Suffolk.


“Golf is steeped in tradition, and that’s really meaningful. But if we want to bring more people into the game, particularly women, then we also have to be open to change,” said Jane.


“The game is such fun and ticks a lot of boxes: it makes you feel good physically, it’s an opportunity to socialise, and it’s also a superb way to wind down after work. This golf day is really all about inviting those women who have always felt unwelcome or somehow excluded to come along and just play golf,” Jane added.


The inaugural #JustPlayGolf day takes place at Woodbridge Golf Club, Suffolk, on Monday 17th September from 1PM5PM. Entry is £25 per person.


If you are based in the Suffolk area and would like to know more, contact Jane O’Riordan by calling 07770 712884 or email jane@janehamerton.com


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