love.golf stories – Dan Higgs

Coach Dan reveals the secrets to getting women hooked on golf


Dan Higgs has found a formula which keeps women coming back to experience love.golf at Walsall Golf Club


PGA Professional Dan, who fell in love with the game at the age of 10, coaches with the mindset that golf can, and should be, a game for life, irrespective of age, gender or ability.


This vision has proved effective for Dan. After 2 years of coaching the love.golf initiative, Dan has welcomed 40 women to his love.golf sessions, with nearly half taking up membership at Walsall Golf Club.


This bespoke membership enables love.golfers to play at their own leisure at allocated times of the day (from 4pm during the summer, and 1pm in the winter), for £300 per year.


But what makes Dan’s love.golf sessions such a success with the women and keeps them coming back? Dan recommends 3 things to focus on:

  1. Target and welcome female friendship groups to experience love.golf. Women are so much more receptive to learning new skills when participating in group situations.

  2. Encourage the male members of your golf club to introduce their partners to the game. love.golf is a proven method to introduce women into the game and it’s a way for them to rethink how they view and interact with the club.

  3. Promote the social aspect of love.golf. So many friendships have developed from love.golf sessions and this is one of the key aspects in women coming back for more.

If you’re inspired by Dan’s story and want to create a love.golf revolution at your club, contact Head Coach Alastair Spink for more information.