love.golf founder announces new global research project on female participation

Alastair Spink, love.golf’s Founder and Head Coach, has announced that he will be expanding his research into global female golf participation with a PhD study at the University of Birmingham.

The research will follow hundreds of women across the UK, Australia and Canada over a period of at least two years from the moment they interact with the game for the first time. Each of the participants will tell their stories through their own eyes and share their experiences.

Alastair says: “The simple goal through all of my work is to give women more opportunities to get into golf.

Alastair continued: “While this new study is not directly about love.golf, the programme will certainly learn from the new findings and use them to enhance the experience we offer as we go out and inspire more women to get into the game.

For more on Alastair’s PhD progress follow him on Twitter @Thegolfcoach

Picture caption: Alastair pictured with PhD supervisor, Dr Martin Toms, Senior Lecturer in Sports Coaching at the University of Birmingham.