Love.golf autumn scramble

On Saturday 22nd September, the seventh love.golf Scramble took place at the beautiful Inverallochy Golf Club just outside Fraserburgh in Aberdeenshire. The Scrambles are now famous amongst the women of North East Scotland and sell out almost immediately.

Coach: Peter Myers

Location: Inverallochy Golf Club

Date: 22nd September, 2018

Coach Feedback:

“I am delighted to see so many women out enjoying playing the game. I very much believe the long-term health of our game is to get more women playing and ultimately more families. I also think most golf clubs still need to do way more to be welcoming to women and families… though that said, Inverallochy and our other local courses are doing a great job right now.”

Participant Feedback: 

“Another great day!
“I remember the feeling when I signed up for my first scramble.  I was anxious and nervous.  I even wished for torrential rain so it would be called off!

“As soon I as played my first hole, I realised that it wasn’t about perfection it was about a group of girls looking for a good, fun day out.“Now it’s the opposite, I pray for no rain although that doesn’t always work.

Yesterday, I played horrendous. Did it matter?  No nae really, the only person disappointed was me.“I love the format of a scramble, it gets people out playing when they didn’t think they could.  I find it very little pressure, just enough for you to want to do well.

“The second part of the day; with the meal, quiz, bingo or whatever is just as important for me.
I love meeting & chatting with new people, as well as catching up with friends.

“Thank you to Peter, Emma and everyone behind the scenes who make these days possible.

“Looking forward to the Christmas Scramble already!”

For details on the next love.golf Scramble at Inverallochy Golf Club, contact Peter Myers here.