love.golf at reigate hill golf club

Sam Truman described his recent love.golf coaching session at Reigate Hill GC as “a bit blowy but absolutely brilliant” Despite the threat of storms, eleven women (supported by seven Reigate members), started their love.golf experience with an opportunity to hit some warm up shots on the range before getting straight out onto the golf course. They are now all looking forward to a chance to meet up and do it all again in September.

Coach: Sam Truman

Location: Reigate Hill Golf Club

Date: 28th July 2018

Coach Feedback:

“It was amazing to watch how these new golfers navigated their way around some of our  trickiest holes on the golf course when many of the group had never hit a golf ball before the start of this session”

Golf Club Feedback:

“It just shows what a transformation can take place from being taught traditionally on a golf range to being able to get on the course itself, without fear. Everyone encouraged each other and the relaxed atmosphere made it so enjoyable. You could see they were so thrilled to be out on the golf course and we were equally thrilled to watch them play” (Lynne, Reigate Hill member)