Having a blast at hilton park

Stuart Smith was delighted with the first love.golf experience at Hilton Park Golf Club. The day began with a meet and greet followed by a short practice session before heading out onto the golf course. Following a break for lunch, the group returned to the course for another three holes before finishing up with an opportunity to exchange numbers and plan for the next get-together. 

Coach: Stuart Smith

Location: Hilton Park Golf Club

Date: 22nd August 2018

Coach Feedback:

“The women had a blast! It was great to see how quickly and easily they adapted to the golf course and the challenges they were faced with. They were full of intuitiveness and eager to ask questions to learn as much as possible. We’d never have seen the same progression if we’d spent that time on the range.”

Participant Feedback:

 “I have to admit to being a little apprehensive and anxious that I would be so awful and make a fool of myself but there was no need to worry as everyone was so friendly and encouraging. I really enjoyed the whole experience and thought the delivery of the day was perfect. It wasn’t just the learning to play golf but also making new friends and just enjoying the fresh air and wonderful scenery. I definitely want to continue and look forward to Stuart’s next project.” (Joanna)