Coronavirus: A message from Alastair Spink

Dear love.golfers,


As a community of friends, we support each other week-in and week-out, in good times and bad.


At this time, more than ever, we need to look after each other, our families and our communities.


Are love.golf sessions still going ahead?


While a number of coaches have understandably cancelled sessions, others – with the encouragement of customers – continue.


However, any session that does proceed is being asked to observe both the Government and local venue advice in relation to social distancing and hygiene.


Coaches will be in touch if sessions are cancelled. You may also wish to keep in touch with your coaches for updates.


Our responsibility to each other


While we all want to keep golfing, be together and support our coaches, we also need to work together to combat a virus that will inevitably impact many lives.


Golf courses in Europe have faced mandatory closure – and further emergency measures in the UK may, in time, restrict access to golf.


We will continue to monitor the situation closely and update you.


But let’s remember, if we do have to put our clubs down for a while, we still have each other. And it’s people and our community that are the heart of love.golf.