Carin catches up with the love.golf coaches

Former LPGA Tour and Solheim Cup player and friend of love.golf, Carin Hjalmarsson (formerly Koch), took time out for a virtual catch up with the love.golf coaches during the coronavirus pandemic.


Carin was joined by over 25 coaches tuning in from the UK, Canada, Spain and even as far as Argentina!


All the coaches were given the opportunity to ask Carin a question about growing up with golf, her playing career and experiences in the Solheim Cup (as a player and captain).


Carin reflected on her childhood and how she needed to rein in her competitive streak, her approach to the mental side of the game and her memorable Solheim Cup-winning putt in 2000.


She also told coaches about juggling tour life and family life and, as the coaches have been busy filming cooking videos from their kitchens of late, she also revealed her ‘go to’ dishes.


The wide-ranging chat lasted over an hour and was a welcome escape from current affairs. It was part of a wider program of support for love.golf coaches during the coronavirus pandemic, which includes regular webinars, guidance notes as well as informal social meet ups.


All current coaches can watch the webinar back by accessing the Coach Zone now.