Amy’s fast track to Middle East coaching success

PGA Professional Amy Millward has only been at the Els Club in Dubai just over a year, but she has already built a strong community of more than 50 female golfers.

Using love.golf’s ground-breaking coaching model, Amy has not only attracted these women – many of whom are beginners – to the game but has kept them engaged.

“We make it as fun and sociable as possible, as we’ve found the social aspect is more important than the competitive side of golf,” Amy explains.

“Not only are they heading outside and getting fresh air, they are making friends with people they wouldn’t have met otherwise, and they are becoming really close friends.

“We want to reach as many women as possible and grow the game. We have a lot of taster days, and every Tuesday we have free range access and club hire for ladies and reduced green fees.


LINK TO VIDEO: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=z0M3CK-87fY